Wow. You really are obnoxious. I think that was unnecessary. It seems like all this YouTube fame is really getting to your head.

Lol.. you people are something else. That kid called me dumb for posting something, and I’m obnoxious and bigheaded for replying?

This “youtube celebrity” shit is interesting cuz unlike real celebrities, we’re actually still connected through all our social networks. People will send mad messages and call you an asshole for not responding, but if someone talks shit, you’re an asshole for responding. One moment they say “cmon man, stop acting like you’re better and reply to me” and the next moment it’s “wow… you’re supposed to be better than that, you’re an example.” lol…

Guess what, you’re a cunt, too, and I love you. 

Lol but while we’re on the subject I actually hate the word. I just got back from Australia and they say that shit a lot out there. That is all.