Q: whats chia's ethnicity/nationality ?

1/2 Eritrean. 1/2 Salvadorian.

asked by Anonymous
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  1. thoughtsofanigeriangoddess said: that is seriously the coolest mix EVER :) tell i said that lol
  2. gabgabs said: haha awesome im half salvadorean too!! she must make some awesome food!!!!
  3. savageawakening said: yay, does she feed you pupusas?!
  4. tumblonablog said: wow, i almost forgot for a second how many people don’t know where/what eritrea is. horn of africa folks, borders along the red sea, ethiopia, sudan and djibouti.
  5. defaultdavid said: I’m going to go ahead and guess that her nationality is Canadian (or American now), since most people don’t know the difference between nationality and ethnicity.
  6. densing-with-wolves said: whast eritrean?
  7. notyourordinarybeauty said: yay salvadorian!
  8. ach00000 said: VV LOL me too. GOOGLE ERITEAN