little penis.

i made a joke in my most recent video saying that my penis was 2 and 3 quarter inches erect. some kid was trying to defend me and goes, “if his penis was small, he wouldnt have a hot girlfriend.” although i appreciate you trying to help me out, there’s something you young men need to realize…

my dick could be 2 centimeters and i’d still get the baddest chics! lol

look, the truth is, my penis isn’t as small as i make it out to be on youtube (or is it?!) the whole point was to show these young dudes out there (the young asian dudes specifically) that regardless of penis size, you shouldn’t let that stereotype make you paranoid or self-conscious. as a people, we are already known as being timid and shy. if you talk to a girl the right way, she’ll give you the panty-drawes eventually!

so to my young asian brothers out there, regardless of whether your junk is huge or tiny, you should not let anything hold you back from getting what you want outta life. so own that shit and handle your fucking business!

cuz i’m not big, but i still give the good dick! 

the end.