whoever that was is right, we like the booty. We like the tim booty, chia booty, big booty, small booty, all booty, even the tall booty lol

I also love appreciate booties of all shapes and sizes and colors.

Lol aite but my poop is over, so random q&a time is also over. Thanks!


Being someone who has followed your career from the beginning( it feels like it's been a long time), I just want to say I'm proud of you and the progress you've made, it's inspiring. Are you any closer to breaking that Asian stereotype in movies?

I really appreciate that, bro. And yes! Aside from the small part I had in a SyFy channel movie earlier this year, I’m discussing some parts in a couple independent films in the near future. One funny, one kinda serious, and one dark fucked up part. Lol just takin it one business call at a time.


i think all you fans are pretty much pervs that like to see your butt and watch you twerk Lmao #same

Haha and that’s why I love y’all! Like father, like fans. lol


If freaky Friday was real I'd trade lives with Chia so I can see what you're like in bed lol

looool I can’t lie, I’ve been complimented on the stroke game!


Do you see yourself with chia in the next say 5 years? I'm seriously jealous of you guys' relationship sometimes 😭 #21andstillsingle P.s. I hella remember you from MySpace!

Haha of course I do. I wouldn’t be dealin with all the hassle of long distance if I didn’t feel like there was something real here. She’s def gonna be my wife. We’re in no rush though, and you shouldn’t be either!

21 is fun! Go party and be with your friends and hook up with a random boy or two!