I actually appreciate you input on that male hygiene post dude. Yeah there's a double standard, but I've been with many guys who were conscious of how they smelled/tasted.

lol thank you! Anon thought I missed the point of the double standard, but by making my statement about keeping my dick clean, I’m saying “Guys! Clean your dicks fresh if you expect girls to clean their coochies!!!” There’s a method to my dick jokes, but it goes over people’s heads sometimes.


omg tim. im in class right now and scrolling through tumblr. and i'm like shit, i can't be on tumblr with timmy reblogging the craziest shit, and right then you post a ass gif. lol i can't x'D lol love you though :D

Get off tumblr and pay attention!!! Lol


NOT WITH THE NOT ALL MEN SHIT TIM.Ok,we get it some men pay attention to their hygiene but you missed the whole point and your response could not be more typical.

Lol I just wanted to let people know my dick smells good that’s all.