You're hella corny but it's cool

Eh, corny is a strange concept. People have called me and the homies corny cuz we use big words in conversation. People that don’t understand the concept of bad jokes being so bad they’re good will call stuff corny cuz they don’t get why it’s funny. People called Will Smith corny for not cussin in songs. Worldstar calls everything corny. If bein me is corny to people, then fuck it! Cuz these checks ain’t corny!


yo you handled that anon hate so nicely while i was readng your response i forgot it was a hate ask. respect that

Thank you. For some reason people feel that when they disagree with you, they have to be mean. People need to understand that we will always have different opinions on EVERYTHING, but there’s no reason we can’t discuss that shit without attacking each other!


Hey Timothy! Not attacking in the least bit here, just wondering your opinion. Do you think that you'd laugh and think it were nbd if your dick pics were hacked and passed around has to do with your gender? I just mean that I think society is a lot harder on women when these things surface, its like you're never seen as a respectable person again in a lot of peoples eyes, while male nudes kind of get released and forgotten much more quickly, and its seen as less of a big deal. Just my 2cents

Oh, I totally agree. Women def have it way worse in terms of stuff like that. We all know that. Chris Brown had dick pics, Benzino, and way more that I can’t even remember. We have no problem joking about those. I understand that it’s worse for women because they’re so objectified, BUT if I’m gonna joke about guys, I’m gonna joke about girls! Like, when did we get so sensitive? Y’all had no problem making fun of Kim K’s sextape a few years ago. She didn’t want that shit leaked. She cried, but NOBODY was trippin when jokes were made back then, and a sextape is waaay worse. I just believe in making fun of people equally.


Yo I hope your nudes leak so us ladies can laugh at your small dick. Also is it impossible for you to take a picture without your mouth open? You look retarded

That’s the thing, if my dick pics ever leaked, I can’t wait to hear the jokes! As a comedian, I understand that it’s part of entertainment. I’ve already said I wouldn’t mind if my dick pic leaked cuz I have a really nice penis. Like I say in my videos, “it ain’t big, but it’s pretty.”

Some people will say that there are things you don’t joke about. I agree, but someone’s nudes leaking is something I still joke about. It totally sucks that it happened and I would never seriously condone the hacking of someone’s private account, nor have a spread or shared the pics, but will I make a silly youtube video about it? Fuck yea.

Does EVERY joke have to come with a “HEY GUYS DON’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW!” disclaimer for people to not get uncomfortable and offended? Of course, if that happened to my girl or someone I know, I’d be pissed and upset! But would I expect people to make jokes? Definitely! Would I find them funny? Probably not until a few months later.

And FYI, I open my mouth in a lot of pics to elongate my face cuz I have such a round head! 😁


"I dont swallow I spit"