that comment on the "asshole" boob pic, yeah that wasn't funny tim lol come up with something else

lol it’s funny cuz it’s lame on purpose, not cuz it’s actually witty.


(everybody don’t send this girl angry messages, we follow each other on tumblr, so it’s okay)


Hey whats up Tim. A long time a go, I sent you a question when you were still doing, "Dear Delaghetto" asking how a Mexican guy could talk to Asian chick (since I saw racial divides in terms of dating). I don't think you ever got around to it, but you taught me in some form or another that it was about confidence in yourself and less about the chick in question. For all the negative comments you get from jealous assholes. You a get thumbs up from me. Thanks for all the laughs bruh!

Haha.. glad I could help, man. Be confident in yourself and don’t give a fuck about what a lame has to say are basically the only two things you need to know in life to succeed. Preciate the support, bruddah. 

and gnite tumblr!


yooo that's crazy that was the first cd I ever bought too and I remember reading the booklet. I didn't know you were into punk rock at all!

Haha I just like what I like, man. 


Tim would you ever get a tattoo?

I used to have a lot of plans for tattoos as I was growing up, but then I started to think about my career as an actor and how I could probably play highschool kids til i’m 40. I just didn’t want it to come down to me, or the guy without tatts cuz covering mine would be a potential hassle, so in terms of marketing myself, I decided not to. 

Also, tattoos became such a fad for rappers, too, like.. just covering your whole torso with random shit just for the look, that kinda turned me off, too.  

Never understood the obsession with callin dude’s “whipped” for catering to your chick. Like, if you know you have someone special, there is nothing unmanly about making sure she feels that way 24/7.

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Ren Hang

Eat them noodles gurl