All i can say about fuck buddies to fellas is, be cautious

a girl will tell you lets have sex no strings attatched

and after the third encounter she’ll expose them hidden chakra string like


"so what are we" "what is this"

dont get yolked up out here


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No disrespect bruh, but it feels like this season, they always put on your bits that aren't funny or the ones that do not get you any points :(

Lol man they have been doing that since last season! I only tell people to watch my Mac Miller and MGK episodes from last season. Hahah but at least I got some more good eps this time around, AND they been cuttin my twerk work verses!


Timmy, you're getting fat! :( Love ya regardless.

lol fuuuck I know. And I look extra fat on TV. Don’t trip, Imma drop like 10-15 lbs cuz I have more TV opportunities coming up, and I realized to look regular on TV you gotta be skinny in real life.


Sorry! Didnt mean to get you angry, just didnt really get it. Keep doing your thing Tim, love ya

Lol goddammit I KNEW you didn’t get it. So what did you think I was doing? Just replacing a random letter!?

Biggest pet peeve is when people don’t understand something so they call it lame. UGHHHHH.

Love ya too, you goof.


Maaaaaan Tim you got screwed on the Tech N9ne episode. Your joke about the soda was way funnier than that dude throwin powder in your face.

Lol I agree, bro.


C-day? Lamest joke ever, cmon Tim! Youre better than that!

… It’s.. Not even supposed to be complex.. That’s what bloods/crips do. Like.. Instead of Carson high, I’m from Barson high. Or just what’s brackin instead of what’s crackin.

Your ask REALLY stirred up resentment in my soul for some reason. Like it made me angry and I hate you.


Bro quick question, it seems like your'e very good at this. So it seems like porn and lusting for other women ain't a problem for you, but how does chia feel when you jerk off to other women and such. Explain :D ? <3

Lol well we’re long distance, bro. She knows I’m a horny ass dude. It’s better I bust in a sock watching some porn than bust on a butt of another girl! I always tell her after I’ve masturbated on some “baaaaabe I just masturbated.” and she’ll usually reply with a “yaaaaaay” lol

But aside from the distance, sometimes dudes just need to jack off, regardless of how much sex he has with his girlfriend. Sometimes a man just needs to stroke it! and she understands that.